Healty Nutrition

What is Healthy Nutrition?

What is Healthy Nutrition

To summarize in a single sentence, healthy diet is to “eat foods that contain high protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, and vitamins that need to be taken daily, to maintain health, to feel good and to provide energy in a balanced way”.

Healthy nutrition is important for people of all ages and it is necessary for the healthy body to be protected, to fulfill the functions of brain, heart and other organs, to feel well, to be healthy and strong.

Vitamin can lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals by raising the risk of suffering from various nutritional diseases including minerals, too many proteins, carbohydrates or fat.

Nutrition Groups

Sometimes you can see the diet programs on the diet lists with the headings “protein diet”, “carbohydrate diet” or “0 fat diet”. In fact, these types of diets focused on a single ingredient are not very healthy because the body needs all these nutritional values.


Healty Nutrition
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Of course, for a healthy diet, protein, carbohydrate and fat balance taken throughout the day, should be consumed in the recommended amounts.


Now let’s take a look at the food groups and quantities recommended daily (according to USDA-US Department of Agriculture).



Fruits and vegetables

For different vitamins and minerals, it is advised to consume fruits and vegetables in different colors spreading to the days of the week.

Almost every nutritionist (if you do not have a specific health condition) recommends consuming a total of 5 bowls of vegetables and fruit a day. At first it may come too much, but this amount corresponds to 2-3 fruits and 2 soup basil vegetables.